Video: The NBA season, ‘In Memoriam’

Eric Freeman

Thursday marks a passage from one portion of the NBA season to another. Most blogs are ushering in this period with playoff previews. But the fine folks at The Basketball Jones are a little different. To their eternal credit, they have chosen to reflect back on what has been lost this regular season, in addition to what we're to see in the coming months. The result is one of my favorite annual features, the TBJ "In Memoriam" video.

Producer Matt Osten and on-air talent Tassos Melas team up for a lovely guitar-and-recorder version of the Kansas classic "Dust in the Wind." Still, the real draw here is the remembrance itself, with such notable NBA standards as Brandon Roy's knees, Chris Bosh's hair, and Rajon Rondo's headband getting their notice. Plus, in a classy touch, the Kings are presented without text explanation.

This video is mostly funny, but it also covers several things we'll really remember from this season. In that way, it's as valuable a season recap as any description of who played well and who did poorly.