Video: The Miami Heat make it way too easy for Rajon Rondo

Dan Devine
November 12, 2010

We all know the scouting report — Rajon Rondo(notes) hasn't exactly perfected the fine art of the jumper, so the best way to defend him is to sag off and give him enough room to entice him to rise and fire. You can live with the Boston Celtics beating you because Rondo sticks a handful of tries from 18-feet out, but if you just let him waltz down the lane and get into the paint, you'll have a tough time looking yourself in the mirror after the game.

The Miami Heat might have a tough time looking themselves in the mirror this morning.

Pro tip: At some point, you must stop sagging.

I'd personally like to shake my fist in anger at the Heat for putting me in a position where I had to nod my head along with a statement made by TNT color commentator Reggie Miller (which no one should ever have to do). Where the heck was the rotation?

The C's did a nice job of spacing the defense, with Ray Allen(notes) and Marquis Daniels(notes) bringing their defenders to the short corners and Glen Davis(notes) bringing Zydrunas Ilgauskas(notes) with him to the foul line as he set his screen on Eddie House(notes). Once Rondo beat House around the screen, either Dwyane Wade(notes) or the much-maligned Chris Bosh(notes) had to step up and impede Rondo's path. But Wade took only one half-hearted step toward the Celtics point guard and Bosh stood statue-stiff in the lane, showing no interest in contesting the attempt. The result? Oof.