Video: Mark Jackson tampers slightly, talks up Warriors unis to Dwight Howard

Kelly Dwyer

Last week, Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski told us that the Golden State Warriors were attempting to trade for Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard, mindful of the fact that he would be unlikely to re-sign with the squad this summer but still hopeful that they could sway the All-Star into sticking around because of the perks that life as a Warrior could offer.

Like, perhaps, the swingin' Golden State uniforms. Listen to Jackson, after unleashing a series of weird and contradictory platitudes at his team ("Bottom line is, 'let's keep it going.' Don't fall in love with what took place, keep it going."), carefully commenting on the GSW threads in front of Howard during his team's lone visit with Howard this year:

He's not wrong. Those are nice uniforms. Why is it always the rebuilding teams (the Warriors, the Cavaliers, the Wizards) that boast the best unis? In spite of the uniforms, though, you're really not going to get on a player's good side by hacking him constantly and sending him to the line an NBA-record 39 times in a game. Bottom line, coach Jackson? Let's keep it going. Don't fall in love with what took place, keep it going.

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