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Kelly Dwyer

Video: LeBron's 'homie' jumps/dunks over someone

Kelly Dwyer
Ball Don't Lie

We bring this dunk to you not because LeBron James(notes) Tweeted about it (I don't even follow the dude, though the dunk was brought to us because LeBron James Tweeted about it), but because there's this guy that was playing basketball in Germany that dunked over another guy.

All the way over.


(You want me to take it? You want it? I can have it? You sure? OK, I'll say it.)


The guy's name is Marcus Johnson (not that Marques Johnson), he plays for VfB Giessen in Germany, and the Ohio native is LeBron James' "homie," to hear LBJ tell it. His victim was DeUndrae Spraggins of BG Illertal-Weißenhorn, and we've never been more thankful for a NBA Live '95-styled three-quarter court cam. Because that was lovely to behold.

Thanks for the heads, LeBron, and, er, The Huffington Post.

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