Video: Globetrotter Dizzy Grant impersonates NBA stars, brings the laughs

Eric Freeman
Ball Don't Lie

As we've learned from such geniuses as Rich Little and Frank Caliendo, impressions are the highest form of comedy. Every time I see a good one, I laugh so hard I cry and talk about how that person is definitely acting like an outsized caricature of a famous person. Because that is what good jokes do.

Until now, we haven't really seen a great NBA impressionist on the level of MLB's Batting Stance Guy. And while Harlem Globetrotter Dizzy Grant may never get his own segment on "The Late Show with David Letterman" -- because, really, why was Batting Stance Guy booked on Letterman? -- he can at least gained some measure of fame with this video of his NBA impressions.

All your favorites are here, including Kobe Bryant's quadruple-pump-fake mid-range jumpers, Shaquille O'Neal's free throws, and LeBron James' standstill jumpers. It's a bravura performance from a man who brings smiles to young fans' faces as a member of a roving basketball troupe. What's not to like?

The only question is which impressions he'll come up with next. May I suggest an impression of Dwight Howard's impressions?

(Via TBJ and Basketball-Reference)

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