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Video: Gilbert Gottfried talks ball, sort of

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Since the lockout struck on July 1, we have noted several times that the lockout has robbed NBA fans of many of their usual summer stories. In truth, we were overlooking the true casualties in this situation: the local sports programs that usually subsist on a few signings (or, if they're lucky a big trade) over the course of an entire summer. Ball Don't Lie is a national site and can find its stories all over the place. Local media members must create their own news during an event as all-encompassing as the lockout.

Keep that context in mind as you watch this video, in which legendary funnyman Gilbert Gottfried joins Portland's own "Talkin' Ball" on CSN Northwest (watch at the link). The discussion is wide-ranging, covering topics as disparate as the Casey Anthony murder trial, Gottfried's awkward firing from his role as Aflac spokesduck, and the comedian's life as a sportsman (or lack thereof). At no point does anyone discuss the Trail Blazers. It is not entirely clear that Gottfried has even heard of the team. Nonetheless, the two-segment interview provides many laughs, most of which come from the assembled panel.

The lockout is a terrible course of events for the NBA. However, if it produces a story as weird as this one every week, then I will be able to tolerate it.

(Video via Ben Golliver)

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