Video: A new form of basketball for your athletic enjoyment

Eric Freeman
November 30, 2010

Like most basketball fans, I enjoy getting a few runs in at my local court. But sometimes, it's all just too much. Do you ever get tired of the running, and the dribbling, and the contact? If so, then I have the perfect sport for you!

Courtesy of Matt Harris, a modern-day James Naismith in O'Fallon, Mo., I present you with "inner tube water basketball," the next sports craze sure to sweep the nation. All you need is a decent-sized pool, eight innertubes, and a strong desire to have a great time. Virtually anyone with a sizable pool and a serious inner-tube budget can play!

According to Mr. Harris, "the game flows pretty much similar to regular basketball," which should be pretty obvious considering you wear an innertube and have to paddle around water. There's also a no-dunking rule, which should appeal to anyone who thinks modern basketball is too focused on athleticism and highlights. In fact, I have it on good authority that the one and only John Wooden was all set to endorse this new sport before his unfortunate passing in June.

I heartily endorse getting in on the ground floor of this sport. The next time you're at your local swimming hole, suggest a fun game of inner tube water basketball to your friends. If they have no idea what you're talking about, just say "it's like water polo, but with a basketball hoop, and also you wear an innertube." Then they'll know exactly what you mean!