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Video: Elvin Hayes wants you to drive his cabs

This is a fine video, a commercial featuring NBA legend Elvin Hayes from back in 1983, but it brings up more questions than it provides answers.


To start, we know that the cab company is located on "Hays" street, in Houston; but is that any reason to misspell Elvin Hayes' last name? The coincidence is enough, you don't have to traipse all over his family heritage, Yellow Cab.

How long did the trick shot towards the end of the commercial take? This couldn't have been altered digitally, and while Hayes had nice touch (his turnaround jumper was nearly unstoppable back then), it wasn't that nice. Was there a PA in the rafters of the Westside Tennis and Fitness Club (a semi-legendary NBA hangout, where this was filmed) ready to drop in the ball from out of the camera's range?

Could anyone have told Elvin that he was pulling a Michele Bachmann as he read off of those cue cards?

And, most importantly: $450 a week? Is that gig still around?

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