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Video: Barack Obama is a terrible video-game basketball coach

No matter your opinion of President Barack Obama, there is no denying that he's the biggest basketball fan ever to occupy the Oval Office. He truly loves the game, unlike some sports-fan presidents who play lip service to various leagues just to seem like they're "with it." These are men who must learn about sports in daily cultural briefing videos, wherein they learn that phrases like "with it" are no longer acceptable in social contexts.

But the question remains: Despite his great fandom, would Obama be a good NBA coach? According to the video above, a computer-generated version of the president would actually be quite terrible on the bench. This randomly generated coach earns an F in all four coaching ratings, including Offense, Defense, Potential and Teacher. Even in the event of a so-called "teachable moment," Barack would not succeed when dealing with a player pooping in a teammate's shoe. It would be enough to change his nickname to "High-Drama Obama."

However, we should not jump to conclusions like YouTube user "khous06." Coaching basketball is a very different job than running a country, so the skills that help one succeed in the former don't necessarily apply to the latter, and vice-versa. For instance, can you imagine Larry Brown as the leader of the free world? He's much better suited to serving as a minority whip, or perhaps nothing more than a low-ranking member of the Ways and Means Committee.

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