Score Strip

  1. League: NBA
  2. Golden State vs. Denver
    1:44 3rd
    83 GS
    75 DEN
  3. LA Clippers vs. Portland
    2:17 3rd
    83 LAC
    78 POR
  4. Phoenix vs. Sacramento
    8:17 4th
    85 PHO
    82 SAC
  5. Indiana vs. Orlando
    101 IND
    86 ORL
  6. Chicago vs. Charlotte
    Final OT
    86 CHI
    91 CHA
  7. Washington vs. Boston
    118 WAS
    102 BOS
  8. Houston vs. New Orleans
    100 HOU
    105 NO
  9. Brooklyn vs. Cleveland
    85 BKN
    114 CLE
  10. Philadelphia vs. Miami
    100 PHI
    87 MIA
  11. Atlanta vs. Milwaukee
    111 ATL
    103 MIL
  12. Utah vs. Minnesota
    Final 2OT
    136 UTA
    130 MIN
  13. Toronto vs. New York
    92 TOR
    95 NY
  14. LA Lakers vs. San Antonio
    113 LAL
    100 SA
  15. Detroit vs. Oklahoma City
    111 DET
    112 OKC
  16. Dallas vs. Memphis
    Final OT
    105 DAL
    106 MEM
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Ball Don't Lie

Which two words does Heat coach Erik Spoelstra think are the best in team sports?

Dan Devine
Ball Don't Lie

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Erik Spoelstra quizzes force you to use your mind. (Bruce Yeung/NBAE/Getty Images)

Pop quiz, hot shot: Which two words does Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra think are the best two words in team sports?

A) Positionless grinding

B) Elite competition

C) Miami Heat

D) Game 7

E) Passionate grinding

F) Physical skirmish

G) Udonis identity

Let's go to the videotape:

That's right: The correct answer is D) Game 7. Congratulations to those who chose wisely. To those who chose poorly, well, as Coach Spo might say, you'll all have to own it together.

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