The NBA investigated and 'handled' threatening Twitter messages sent to two Washington Wizards

Kelly Dwyer
May 1, 2014
Only anonymous internet kids would want to mess with these guys. (Getty Images)

File this under the “Fans Can Be Stupid, We’re Surprised This Doesn’t Happen More Often”-category. A nutbag Chicago Bulls fan hopped on Twitter last week to send a series of worrying tweets to rock solid Washington Wizards big man Marcin Gortat’s Twitter account. The tweets were regarded as “terroristic” by the NBA, who were led to the missives after Gortat alerted league security personnel.

The NBA told the Associated Press that the incidents were being “investigated,” and a Wizards spokesman told the Washington Post on Thursday that the affair had been “handled.” Gortat explained the interaction following Washington practice on Thursday afternoon.

From the Washington Post’s Michael Lee:

“It’s just funny, it’s just funny. People are weird,” Gortat said, shaking his head. “The one gentleman who really threatened us, actually made some terrorist threats to us. Some people already visit him.”


“He already got profiled, so it’s all good,” Gortat said. “Some serious stuff, but it’s all good,” Gortat said. “He was saying that there’s a bomb in the plane and stuff. And my country is going to get bombed and all my family is going to die. Stuff like that. Everyday stuff.”

We’re not going to post the “everyday stuff” here at Ball Don’t Lie, but you can head to Busted Coverage to see what this sicko wrote. Not only did he pretend that he had placed a bomb on Washington’s team plane at “Ohare” International Airport, he also referred to the Polish-born Gortat by a Polish slur. Chicago is home to the largest Polish-American community in the United States.

Worse, this moron also referred to swingman Martell Webster’s kids by name, telling Webster that he should check his house for various explosives. Because Martell Webster hit a bunch of three-pointers against the Bulls. That’s why.

Marcin Gortat, because he is a secure grown-up, had this to say in response:

Sound advice. On behalf of Bulls fans, I’m sorry you had to deal with this troglodyte, Marcin.

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