The 10-man rotation, starring Matt Bonner driving a car into a bicycle race

Dan Devine
March 20, 2014

A look around the league and the Web that covers it. It's also important to note that the rotation order and starting nods aren't always listed in order of importance. That's for you, dear reader, to figure out.

C: Hardwood Paroxysm. This is easily one of the top two most dangerous drives of San Antonio Spurs sharpshooter Matt Bonner's professional basketball career.

PF: CelticsHub. Man, that Wednesday win over the (LeBron James-less) Miami Heat was fun as heck, right, Boston Celtics fans? Allow Tom Westerholm to explain just how damaging it was, ping-pong-ball-wise.

SF: Gothic Ginobili. Inspired by the single-elimination NCAA tournament, Aaron McGuire revisits the last five NBA postseasons to see how different the playoff brackets would have shaken out if, instead of seven-game series, each matchup was a one-game, survive-and-advance-style competition. It's different!

SG: SB Nation. Good stuff from Satchel Price on how Chris Bosh's continual evolution from a 20-and-10 No. 1 offensive option into "a poor man's Dirk Nowitzki who also happens to be one of the best defensive bigs in the league," making him one of the most versatile and valuable players in the league.

PG: SB Nation. Seth Rosenthal headed down to the fan protest planned by disgruntled New York Knicks supporters who aimed to rail against owner James Dolan's constant meddling, the absence of actual Basketball People making decisions in the team's front office, and all that losing, only to see Dolan step back, Phil Jackson step forward and six straight wins heading into their event date. "What do we want?" "Everything that just happened!" "When do we want it?" "Still!"

6th: Sports Illustrated. Lee Jenkins on how Al Jefferson has made the Charlotte Bobcats "the happiest sub-.500 team in pro sports."

7th: Sports Illustrated. Chris Ballard on DeAndre Jordan's relationship with Doc Rivers, which could prove to be the difference between the Los Angeles Clippers once again flaming out early or finally reaching the third round of the Western Conference playoffs.

8th: Liberty Ballers. In which the Philadelphia 76ers' chosen brand of rebuilding is defined as "distilled rational pursuit of incentives," angry claims that Philly's tanking is toxic for the sport are compared to "vaccine denialism," and we come to view the tanking vs. rebuilding question through the prism of competing political philosophies. Okey-doke.

9th: @cjzero. J.J. Barea tried a tip-dunk during the Minnesota Timberwolves' Wednesday night win over the Dallas Mavericks. It went about as well as you'd expect.

10th: Hang Time. A really cool visualization of how the starting fives of the 30 NBA teams share the ball — which players pass to one another most and least often — as culled from the NBA's SportVU optical tracking data.

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