Steve Nash hits Metta World Peace with uncredited armpit-towel assist during Lakers/Rockets (VIDEO)

Dan Devine

Pretty harsh, Houston Rockets scorekeepers. The tape clearly shows that after Steve Nash passed off his pit-stunk towel to Metta World Peace, the Los Angeles Lakers forward went right up with it and connected. No dribbling, no stutter-steps, no hesitation whatsoever. That totally should've been a dime for everyone's favorite Canadian point guard; I mean, I know he's already got plenty of them, but still, fair is fair, even when it's pretty foul.

Amazingly, this is only the second-worst facial received by a dude in a Lakers jersey during Tuesday night's 125-112 loss to the Rockets. Or perhaps third, if you count this nasty James Harden and-one slam directly in the mug of Robert Sacre:

... and we probably should count that.

So, in summation, not a great night for the Lakers or their fans in basically any way. On the bright side, the towel toss suggests Nash has watched "Kingpin" recently, so at least someone in forum blue and gold's been having non-fight-pic-related laughs of late.

Video via mrcharlieboi. Hat-tip to The Big Lead.