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STACHEDOWN: Who wears a mustache better — Kevin Love or BDL’s Dan Devine?

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Only you, friends, can provide the answer. (It's Dan. Pick Dan.)

Listen, guys, I'm not sitting here and looking for challenges. But sometimes an All-NBA-caliber power forward tweets out a picture of his brand new mustache, and when that happens, Your Man feels compelled to respond.

Now, I may not have the Minnesota Timberwolves star's fancy salons, staffed 24 hours a day by Parisian groomers equipped with the finest liniments and hair tonics in the land, but I've got heart. I've got gumption. I've got the ability to grow a 'stache that didn't get no fancy UCLA book learnin'. (Actually, I went to Providence!) Plus, check out our eyebrows. There's more fight in my eyebrows than in Kevin Love's eyebrows by a COUNTRY MILE.

So, 'stache-wise, who ya got? The first-round draft pick, All-Star anointed one? Or the hardscrabble, livin'-by-his-wits underdog from the mean streets of nice neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Staten Island? Let us know in the comments, and also, please, please pick me.

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