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Scottie Pippen will not be charged by prosecutors after an altercation with a shamed autograph seeker

Kelly Dwyer
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Pippen with his family a week before the incident (Getty Images)

Basketball Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen has a DUI conviction in his past, and he was known to throw a temper tantrum or two (or a chair) on the court back in his playing days, so it wouldn’t be completely out of the realm of the possible for someone like Scottie to get angry at a pushy autograph seeker after having a few drinks at a restaurant. That’s exactly what Camran Shafighi alleged Pippen did last June, along with a bit of kicking and punching and spitting, resulting in all manner of lacerations and fractures for Shafighi. Again, that’s according to Shafighi.

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office, apparently, disagrees with Shafighi’s claims. Pippen was never arrested for the confrontation that occurred in front of Pippen’s family and children last June, and on Tuesday the DA decided not to press charges. From the Los Angeles Times:

Pippen told sheriff's investigators that the man followed him to the valet stand, spitting and cursing at him. Pippen then spat back and pushed the man away with a horizontal arm movement, according to a declaration by prosecutors.

The man then allegedly kicked Pippen in the crotch, and Pippen lifted up his foot to block the kick, the basketball player told authorities.


After the incident, the man was taken to UCLA Medical Center, where he was diagnosed with a possible concussion, but a CT scan showed no signs of trauma. His blood-alcohol level was found to be 0.18%, double what is considered legally intoxicated in California, records show.

The next day, the man returned to the emergency room after his release from the hospital and claimed to have been diagnosed with fractured ribs and a fractured ankle, investigators said. He was described as being "extremely intoxicated" with no evidence of any fractures, and a physician noted he "was making up stuff to try and have a story."

Prosecutor William Ryder concluded that Pippen's pushing was "justifiable and the spitting is unprosecutable." Ryder wrote in his report the evidence was insufficient because of the man's "drunken condition," a lack of physical injuries, the parking employees' description of the blows and the doctor's opinion that he was feigning injury.

That’s pretty damning, Camran Shafighi. And probably pretty harmful to the $4 million lawsuit you have pending against Pippen because of the incident.

Now, because we utilized all manner of guesswork when considering the unfounded charges lobbed against Pippen from last June, let’s do the same with Camran Shafighi.

The man didn’t really want a picture and autograph for his 12-year old son. The guy just wanted to be in the presence of someone famous. To be special, if just for a second. It wasn’t enough to take Scottie Pippen’s picture (WHILE HE WAS EATING WITH HIS FAMILY), he had to pull Scottie away long enough to take a picture WITH Pippen, and bug him for his autograph while he was out with his family.

All while working with blood that had twice the legal amount of alcohol in it to drive. There’s no word in any of the reports from the time of the incident of Shafighi being with someone who was driving him home that night; in Malibu, right off the twisty and potentially dangerous Pacific Coast Highway.

This isn’t a guy making his way out to the court to shoot a few jumpers pre-game. When athletes are with their family, you leave them alone. How hard is that, fame-seekers?

Pippen will rightfully countersue, according to his representatives.

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