Update: Sad young Utah Jazz fan still saddened by Jazz getting destroyed (Video)

Dan Devine

In the hours before Monday's matchup with the visiting Golden State Warriors, the Utah Jazz made a neat announcement on Twitter:

Of course you did, dear reader, because you stay tuned to BDL. Moving on:

A very cool move by Zettler and the Jazz. Will and his folks got to sit front row to watch Gordon Hayward and company take on Stephen Curry and the Warriors. That ... didn't go so well. Stuff like this happened a lot:

Just inside the nine-minute mark of the third quarter, the Warriors were flirting with a 30-point lead over the woeful Jazz, riding the strength of a 37-17 second quarter and a blistering 10-for-15 mark from 3-point range to a 98-87 victory complicated only by a desperate mid-fourth-quarter Utah run against Mark Jackson's reserves and a brief scare involving Curry, Marvin Williams and a faceplant.

Things were looking grim, with the Jazz down 26 early in the third ... and young Will decided he'd seen enough.

The clip above unfortunately didn't capture the sound from the ROOT Sports' broadcast, but here's what play-by-play man Craig Bolerjack and color commentator Ron Boone had to say:

Bolerjack: "You know, he's a youngster, and he'll be able to grow with the Jazz and watch this team as they continue to progress. And you hope that's the case ..."

(This is where young Will flops down.)

Bolerjack: "... uh, for Ty Corbin and this Jazz franchise."

Boone: "I'll tell you what — you look at that, and he doesn't like what's going on. But I find it amazing — when his dad asked him what would make him feel better, he says, 'A wiiiiiiiiin.'"

Bolerjack: "Those big tears were running down the eyes. I tell you, you become a fan early, don't you?"

Boone: "I'll say. Three years old. Boy, he does not — look at that look. I mean, he is not happy, is he?"

Bolerjack: "All you can say is, 'Hang in there, young fella.'"

Mm-hmm. Well, that and, "It's OK to take a night off from watching the Jazz here and there, Will." We wouldn't want to scare him off entirely, now, would we?

Hat-tip to Moni at Living and Dying with the Jazz.

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