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Photo fun: Stephon Marbury's new head tattoo

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Much like Mike Tyson, who went through a stretch of bizarre events and face ink, Knicks guard Stephon Marbury appears to have reached the point of no sane return by tattooing a Starbury logo on his freakin' head. Here's a shot of the chrome-domed billboard, via the good folks at Posting and Toasting:

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Deadspin's Daulerio thinks it's "probably as subtle as you can get for a head tattoo," and I can't disagree. I have a oddly-shaped mole on the back of my skull that looks exactly like that. It's uncanny.

But, hey, why stop the fun there? This Marbury ink just screams BDL photoshop contest. Such as ...

What tattoo are we likely to see next on Marbury's head?

Here's your canvas:

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Do your best and post it the comments or email it to us if you want to remain anonymous. We'll post the winners later this week. (My submission, if I could actually Photoshop worth a damn: a draped towel. Feel free to use that.)

Update: See all the winners!

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