Photo of the day: Yao and Yi's new GMC advertisement

Trey Kerby

Thanks to copyranter, we get a look at this pretty bizarre GMC ad that features not just Yao Ming(notes) and Yi Jianlian(notes), but also former Laker — and NBA championship ring owner — Sun Yue(notes). But clearly the best part of this ad is the presence of Wang Zhizhi, the first Chinese-born player to play in the NBA, and also a guy I would always draft in the last round of fantasy drafts in NBA Live 2001.

According to copyranter, the ad ran in a special Chinese advertising section of the Wall Street Journal because, apparently, businessmen have had a hard time finding GMC manufacturers. Good to see they've got that figured out.

Also, Houston Rockets fans will be pretty happy to see that Yao has grown to be nearly 10 feet tall while recovering from foot surgery. That'll be a nice change from starting a 6-foot-6 center for most of last season.