Photo: Of course Adam Morrison’s father used to look like this

Kelly Dwyer
November 29, 2011

You remember Adam Morrison, righto? Great shooter, unfairly chosen way too high by the Charlotte Bobcats in the 2006 draft, and late of the Serbian league where he acquitted himself quite well. He recently decided to leave that league in hopes of finding an NBA deal, and we'll just stop the commentary at this point for reasons you can assume so as to focus on the awesome picture of his father that follows the jump.

Like a lot of things we enjoy, we wouldn't be blessed with the knowledge of this photo were it not for Russ Bengston, late of SLAM, should be of your Twitter feed, and teller of birthday tales at this Tumblr.

He re-tweeted the photo of Adam Morrison's father, taken back in 1974, as he worked for a team in Holland. Gonzalo Vazquez, who writes for several Spanish-language websites, was kind enough to locate John-Mo's glorious Sib-like look and pass it along.

Fantastic. Inspirational, even. Do your best, Nick Young.