Paul George brings his 360 windmill dunk to L.A.'s Drew League (Video)

Eric Freeman
July 8, 2014
Paul George brings his 360 windmill dunk to L.A.'s Drew League (Video)

In the midst of the summer's typical free agent frenzy — full of real signings but typified by the frenzy surrounding big-time moves — it can sometimes be necessary to get a taste of real basketball, no matter the quality of play. Thankfully, various pro-am leagues are here to help. While these games would never be mistaken for the NBA, a star-laden pickup game has its own merits. At the very least, they remind us of what can make the pro game so delightful.

This past weekend, Indiana Pacers All-Star Paul George brought his talents to the Drew League, the premier pro-am in Los Angeles. George, a native of Palmdale in L.A. County, is a regular participant in the league every summer. But this time he showed off a special highlight:

If that 360 windmill looks familiar, then it's because George did the same thing this January for the Pacers. The Drew League version probably goes a little smoother, although neither tops Vince Carter's famous dunk contest entry. But that comparison's a little unfair, because VC's might be the prettiest dunk ever.

We're sure to see more highlights from summer leagues and pro-ams this month. Let's hope they can hold us until the fall.

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