Patrick Beverley made Jrue Holliday’s life very uncomfortable in his Pelicans preseason debut (Video)

Eric Freeman
October 7, 2013

On draft night, the New Orleans Pelicans engineered a trade for All-Star point guard Jrue Holiday, who had previously spent his entire four-year career with the Philadelphia 76ers. It was a somewhat questionable move, given the franchise's needs, but also one that figured to solidify the team's point guard situation for the foreseeable future. Holiday has proven himself as a capable player with lots of room to grow. The Pelicans have a potential franchise cornerstone, a guy who can team with Anthony Davis to lead them back to the playoffs.

Unfortunately, Holiday's first game with New Orleans did not go quite as well as he may have hoped. In the team's preseason opener against the Houston Rockets on Saturday, Holiday was guarded by guard Patrick Beverley, best known nationally as the player whose defensive tenacity had some part (indirect or not) in knocking Russell Westbrook out of the postseason last spring. Unlike some players, Beverley did not treat this contest as an exhibition game. In fact, as the video above proves (via EOB and Reddit), he made Holiday's life a living hell with four takeaways in a two-minute stretch during the fourth quarter (he finished with eight turnovers in all). If these events had taken place during the regular season, they instantly would have become part of basketball legend.

It bears noting that this run of form says nothing about Holiday's future with the Pelicans or the logic of his acquisition. Still, I'm willing to bet he wants to forget this encounter with Beverley as soon as possible. It did not look like much fun.

On the bright side, the Pelicans did come away with a 116-115 win. Hopefully Holiday was able to use that as some consolation.

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