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With no candy on hand, Memphis guard Tony Allen gives kids ramen for Halloween

Kelly Dwyer
Ball Don't Lie

On Monday night, caught without candy to give away to local children as they trick or treated on Halloween, Memphis Grizzlies guard Tony Allen instead handed out packages of beef and chicken Ramen noodles to whoever dared show up at his door. We've no doubt that the kids were angry, especially when a millionaire athlete is well within means to load up their candy bags is instead giving away processed noodle packets that cost anywhere between a dime or a quarter a bag.

Allen, though, was not swayed. In his own inimitable manner, on Twitter, and via Yardbarker:

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We're fans, and we proudly wear our Tony Allen T-shirt, courtesy "The Chris Vernon Show." And Tony Allen, in BDL's opinion, should be able to get away with this.



When Food Network presenter Paula Deen was caught by cameras handing out bags of Ramen noodles to underprivileged kids last month, the reaction was obvious and correct. Someone who knows (and, apparently, ignores) as much about nutrition as Deen does should know much, much better than to give a packet to children that contains 380 calories (we're going per-package, because nobody splits a Ramen package in half to adhere to serving size), 70 percent of your daily sodium intake, and 36 percent of your daily recommended fat intake.

But mask that Ramen giveaway with the wonders of Halloween and trick or treating? When you ring on every doorbell hoping for a full-sized Snickers bar or Reese's Cup? Well, then you can get away with it. This is the genius of Tony Allen.

After all, what would you rather your kids come home with? Another nougat-filled candy bar? Or a bag of something salty that you could possibly dress up with egg, scallions and mixed vegetables?

No regrets, Tony Allen.

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