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A newspaper typo surrounding Baron Davis’ herniated disc causes all sorts of laughter

Going all the way back to his last few seasons with the New Orleans Hornets, Knicks point guard Baron Davis has dealt with a frustrating series of back issues. Those issues, more specifically a herniated disc in his lower back, have prevented him from playing his first game with New York in the 2011-12 season. He's expected back sometime in late February.

The Charlotte Observer? It's not expected to recover from this typo surrounding Davis' herniated disc anytime soon. Take a modified look at what showed up in its sports section on Wednesday morning:

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The Charlotte Observer's typo, as obscured by BDL

(Cue Beavis and Butt-head laugh.)

In case you still don't get it, a few letters from the word "disc" were jumbled up underneath our tasteful whiteout of a word most commonly used to refer to a member of the male anatomy, or David Caruso's character in "Jade."

Mike Persinger, executive sports editor of the Charlotte Observer, offered his explanation on the paper's website on Wednesday afternoon:

Observer reporter Rick Bonnell wrote the preview box, and in it he wrote that Davis, a former Charlotte Hornet, is recovering from a "herniated disc" in his back. The box was edited by an experienced copy editor, the reporter's first line of defense, and moved along in the production process as written.

The next stop was a final read by a second editor, another experienced employee who recognized that "herniated disc" doesn't conform to the newspaper's style for that type of injury, and that it should be "herniated disk." That editor tried to type in the correction, but ended up with an unfortunate typo.

Well, much respect to the paper for its swift and understandable reply. And much more respect to Baron for his sense of humor regarding the situation, which he shared on Twitter:

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Baron Davis, courtesy of his Twitter account

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