Mickael Pietrus helps iPad 2 line-waiters stay hydrated

Dan Devine

Listen up, Jack — waiting on a line to be among the first to purchase a hot new product is serious business. What, you think it's all showing up really early and standing/sitting/laying down near the front door of a store? Pffft. You would think that, Jack. (Classic Jack thinking.) But there's so much more that goes into it!

For starters, you've got be in it to win it ("it" being "the battle of wills 'twixt you and two city blocks' worth of people who also want what you want, but not necessarily in a positive, community-building sense"). Then, you've got to keep your eyes on the prize ("the prize" being "Street Fighter II Turbo" in 1992 and a white iPhone now, I guess?). And don't even think about letting go of the rope (the actual rope you've brought, just in case you need to mete out some Final Frontier justice and, say, tie up someone who's cut the line or lost hold of their senses over the prospect of owning a Samsung Galaxy Tab).

Basically, there's an entire Erik Spoelstra pep talk's worth of stuff you've got to focus on, and that's before you even get into how critical it is to maintain an optimal level of electrolytes. Luckily for those queued up in anticipation of the iPad 2's release at the Apple Store in Phoenix's Biltmore Fashion Park on Friday, Mickael Pietrus (himself a line-waiter) was eager to lend a hand with that particular problem.

From Buster Heine at Cult of Mac:

In high spirits, Pietrus was taking time to interact with fans, joking around and asking for opinions on which color iPad he should get. At one point he helped an Apple employee push the drink cart around and handed out free Gatorades to the masses. Thirty minutes later he was giving out yogurt samples with some of the girls from Mojo Yogurt and letting people takes [sic] pictures with him and his iPad.

Maybe I'm overstating the fun Mickael Pietrus brought to the party, but it's the simple things that matter when you've been sitting around for five hours waiting for the newest magical iPad.

Take it from a fellow blogger, Buster: It's just about impossible to overstate the fun that Mickael Pietrus brings to the party, no matter what type of party it is. Bar Mitzvah, bachelor, Boston Tea, quinceañera — they're all better with Peaches. You might be wrong to categorize waiting in line for a long time to buy a thing as "the party," but that's a whole 'nother kettle of fish.

Here's hoping the swingman finds himself pleasantly surprised with his new tablet. Ten bucks says the first app he buys is "Lego Harry Potter: Years 1 Through 4." Seems like the wizarding type.

Hat-tip to Seth Pollack at SB Nation Arizona.