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Kelly Dwyer

Michael Jordan enjoys a Yankees loss to the Rangers

Kelly Dwyer
Ball Don't Lie

Like a few of us without any rooting interest, Charlotte Bobcats owner and top personnel head Michael Jordan took in Tuesday night's at-times interesting ALCS contest between the Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees.

Our hero seemed to have a good seat, a fun time out, and no interest in including any possible color scheme in his wardrobe that would give away the team he was cheering for. Assuming he was cheering. It's the American League. Rooting for any team on that side is like hoping for an outbreak of the sorts to take to a particular state representative (or office hopeful) of maladies we learned about from the Oregon Trail.

Am I giving too much away about my thoughts on the American League? Should I just show you all those Vince Coleman cards I collected, straightaway?

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It was a fun game. For one, the Yankees were trounced handily, and all those touristy Bronx diehards took off as soon as they realized they could still make bottle service times in a borough where someone could actually park your silver car for you. On top of that, there was a bit of good hitting, and Darren Oliver didn't make me want to throw my remote, so that worked. Also, Michael Jordan was there.

Beyond that?

Thanks to BLS, crazy, honestly scary stalkers.

The brother of my favorite baseball player destroying a missed fastball.

A hi-def camera being crushed by a broken bat while one of the few viewers (that would be me) who still refuses to add HD in lieu of losing his Tivo-bred 2004-era DirectTV receiver enjoyed every bit of it in standard definition.

Also, I told my wife that I had a week left of freedom before I have to start watching significant parts of every regular-season NBA game. To her, that's a bit of a letdown. She'll miss watching "News Radio" reruns with me.

For us? It's a week away, brothers and sisters. This time, next week? You'll have actual NBA games to read about.

Hang tight.

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