Score Strip

  1. League: NBA
  2. Indiana vs. Orlando
    5:51 4th
    87 IND
    71 ORL
  3. Chicago vs. Charlotte
    2:58 4th
    78 CHI
    75 CHA
  4. Washington vs. Boston
    2:55 2nd
    63 WAS
    51 BOS
  5. Houston vs. New Orleans
    3:30 2nd
    41 HOU
    43 NO
  6. Brooklyn vs. Cleveland
    1:38 2nd
    46 BKN
    46 CLE
  7. Philadelphia vs. Miami
    3:52 2nd
    49 PHI
    42 MIA
  8. Atlanta vs. Milwaukee
    1:05 2nd
    55 ATL
    56 MIL
  9. Utah vs. Minnesota
    1:49 2nd
    47 UTA
    46 MIN
  10. Toronto vs. New York
    2:43 2nd
    55 TOR
    36 NY
  11. LA Lakers vs. San Antonio
    51 LAL
    51 SA
  12. Detroit vs. Oklahoma City
    3:00 2nd
    50 DET
    45 OKC
  13. Dallas vs. Memphis
    4:09 2nd
    41 DAL
    43 MEM
  14. Golden State vs. Denver
    10:30 PM
  15. LA Clippers vs. Portland
    10:30 PM
  16. Phoenix vs. Sacramento
    10:30 PM
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Ball Don't Lie

The Miami Heat have finally filmed their own ‘Harlem Shake’ video (VIDEO)

Kelly Dwyer
Ball Don't Lie

LeBron James and the Miami Heat, dating back to 2010’s televised showcase featuring James’ move from Cleveland to Miami, haven’t always had their collective fingers on the pulse of what’s tolerable and what’s annoying when it comes to Internet memes. If Twitter is to be believed, and it usually is, “The Harlem Shake” ran afoul of online tastemakers a couple of weeks ago, as everyone seemed to quickly tire of the dance craze.

LeBron James and the Heat decided to put together their own version, which has already done around 3 million hits on YouTube. Watch:

Here’s King James, stalking the camera …

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… and Chris Bosh as a, um, “funky Big Lebowski?”

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And also Dwyane Wade, who thinks shirts are for suckers if you’ve got a blazer!

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The Heat have won 12 straight heading into Friday’s battle with the similarly sizzling Memphis Grizzlies, who decided to pass on making their own video.

Go Grizzlies.

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