Massachusetts lottery winners could earn the chance to play H-O-R-S-E against Paul Pierce (VIDEO)

Kelly Dwyer

Even during his rookie campaign, during the lockout season of 1999, Paul Pierce seemed like a crafty veteran. He busted out of the gates with the best first month of any rookie in 1999 before ceding to the flashier Vince Carter, featuring an array of spins and smart shots that seemed to fly in the face (sometimes literally) of all the college freshman or high schoolers that were drafted into NBA teams during the late 1990s.

That reputation has sustained, which is why someone like The Truth would seem to be the perfect pick to dominate a game of H-O-R-S-E. It might not be the biggest reason the state of Massachusetts picked Paul Pierce’s participation in the state’s most recent lottery promotion, but Pierce’s image doesn’t hurt. Whoever wins this particular lottery gets to play a game of H-O-R-S-E with Paul, in a complete turnaround from the 1998 Los Angeles Clippers – a team that won the lottery but got to watch as Michael Olowokandi took and missed shots a horse could make for years after they selected him nine spots ahead of Pierce.

Watch the promo video:

Now, we don’t condone state-sponsored gambling, and wouldn’t encourage you to spend tomorrow’s coffee money on a lottery ticket today. This does seem like a pretty sound attempt at something cool, though.


Not only is the man a few days removed from nailing a game-winner against the Los Angeles Clippers, but he’s barely had to raise more than an inch or two on jumpers since the Clinton Administration. Not to demean the man’s hops, but Paul Pierce is all angles and step-backs. His shooting percentages may have dipped a bit across the board, but there’s no way he’s missing that lefty leaner off of the wrong foot.

And there’s so many ways for you to miss that same lefty leaner off of the wrong foot, as you earn your final “E.” Because you’re not Paul Pierce, collector of 26,195 career regular and postseason points since February of 1999. Sorry, but this is how the lottery works.

Just ask the Los Angeles Clippers.

Thanks to Darren Rovell for first pointing us toward this gambling promotion.