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Lockout videos: Rajon Rondo’s off-his-head alley-oop to Rudy Gay

Kelly Dwyer
Ball Don't Lie

We've got a copy of James Naismith's original basketball rules framed and perched just a few feet away from where we write this, and NOT ONCE on that tattered and yellowed papyrus does it say that you're not allowed to bounce a basketball off of your head in an attempt to send an alley-oop to a teammate on a fast break.

And I'm sure if I were successful in summoning the ghost of Naismith to watch this clip from Saturday's Rondo-led charity game on YouTube, which I attempted, the first words out of his mouth would have gone something like this:

"What's an alley-oop?"

(End of bad '80s-era stand-up comedy attempt. Start of a ridiculous alley-oop clip.)

(Via PBT, by way of and WEEI.)

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