Seventeen memorable NBA championship celebrations

Kelly Dwyer
Ball Don't Lie

We all saw and very much enjoyed Dirk Nowitzki's Bavarian-sense of composure-keeping, immediately following (or, actually preceding by 1.2 seconds) the winning of his first NBA championship on Sunday. If you missed Dirk's dash to the Dallas locker room, have a look:


Pretty cool, considering Nowitzki's admission that the moment had caused him to have a bit of a crying jag after finally earning the NBA's highest honor after 13 seasons spent trying to win that first championship. It wouldn't take much pressing to admit that we'd probably have the same reaction, if put in Dirk's situation, but does that make it the right reaction?

Well, everybody has their own way of taking it all in. Let's take a trip down the NBA's memory lane, to relive a few.


If you're Kevin Garnett, you exult in the moment, even if it means taking out a few eardrums along the way:

If you're Pat Riley, you shock everyone by guaranteeing something that hadn't been done in the NBA in nearly 20 years:

And, because you're Pat Riley, you deliver:

(Magic and Kareem helped, too.)

Of course, it doesn't always have to be about big talk. There are stylistic changes you can make, to alter the mood. If you're Moses Malone, you can steal your coach Billy Cummingham's tie and say more words in one hour than most have heard you speak in five previous seasons:

If you're Kobe Bryant, you can put on the most hideous jacket we've ever seen:

(Though I fully submit that after five rings, Kobe can wear whatever the heck he wants.)

Or, if you're Tim Duncan, you can go about your day as Tim Duncan usually does:

And, if you're Mark Madsen, you can do what we hope you'll never, ever do again:

Classic MacGruber.

If you're Bill Walton, you can take your jersey off and fire it into a crowd. Or, if you're Dr. Jack Ramsay, you can bring chills to the entire locker room:

If you're Dr. Jerry Buss, you can hoist a trophy that by 2011 will be 10 years older than one of your girlfriends:

If you're Isiah Thomas, you can quote lyrics from Ohio Players songs:

If you're Kevin McHale, you can pretend that nobody can see you:

If you're Willis Reed, you can have Howard Cosell tell you that you remind him of the finest of what the human spirit can offer:

If you're Pau Gasol, you can get a little creepy with it:

And if you're Michael Jordan, you can give us one indelible image ...

... after another:

And if you're Red Auerbach? You do exactly what you're supposed to do:

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