Kyrie Irving sings ‘Grease’ song with ‘Real World’ alum (VIDEO)

Eric Freeman
August 10, 2012

Cleveland Cavaliers point guard and reigning NBA Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving is a man of many talents on the basketball court, including dressing up like an old man and playing very well as part of the USA Basketball Select Team. His stardom should reach new heights as he grows older, and it'll be quite fascinating to see him do new and surprising things over the course of his career. The sky is seemingly the limit.

However, Irving apparently has one pretty obvious flaw: He cannot sing at all. During a recent appearance on "The Alan Cox Show" on Cleveland's WMMS FM, Irving dueted with show personality Erika Lauren, a former cast member of MTV's "The Real World: D.C." on the song "Summer Nights" from the hit movie/musical "Grease." Listen above, if you dare.

Irving is not particularly good, but I also wouldn't say he's that much worse than Erika, one of the least likable cast members in "Real World" history. (Please note that for at least 10 years that show has almost exclusively featured unlikable cast members.) Still, we should give Irving credit for putting forth his best effort under less-than-ideal circumstances. We've definitely heard better from Kyrie before.

Video via Waiting for Next Year