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Keyon Dooling is wearing Rajon Rondo’s personal shoes this season

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Keyon Dooling (Getty Images/Brian Babineau)

Very few NBA players have signature sneakers, but everyone has a set of game shoes they call their own. As any fan who plays the game regularly knows, basketball shoes are important personal items. Not surprisingly, professional basketball players need to trust the shoes they wear, too.

It's easy to believe that NBA players get shoes for free and never need to seek out new kicks. But, in something of a surprise, Keyon Dooling decided it was best that he takes Rajon Rondo's shoes for the season. Luckily, the Boston teammates wear the same size. From Jessica Camerato for (via TBJ):

This season Dooling plans to wear Rondo's sneakers from his overflowing collection of Nike brand kicks. With so many shoes, Rondo is happy to share.

"We wear the same size shoes," Rondo smirked. "Right now I have kind of an unlimited amount of shoes so I have to get rid of some. I told him if anybody ever needs some shoes, they can have as many as they want when I'm not playing with them."

You can check out a larger image of Dooling wearing Rondo's shoes (with the number 9 in plain sight) at the TBJ link above.

This is very nice of Rondo -- apparently the NBA's Christmas opening day taught him the true meaning of the holiday season. I can only assume the shoes were unused, as well, because the idea of Dooling wearing Rondo's smelly shoes is just too weird.

It's also an important development for the Celtics, who seem to have become less invested in Doc Rivers' beloved Ubuntu concept over the past few seasons. Now, Rondo has brought togetherness and the team concept to the forefront of the locker room. I fully expect to see Brandon Bass and Jermaine O'Neal sharing a milkshake later this week.

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