Ball Don't Lie

Kevin Garnett has been a Boston Celtic for exactly five years (VIDEO)

Kelly Dwyer
Ball Don't Lie

Perhaps it's the weepy power pop obsessive in us, and perhaps it was Tuesday's retrospective on Boston's franchise-changing summer of 2007 that pushed us over the top, but when's Twitter feed reminded us that it was the five-year anniversary of Kevin Garnett's trade to Boston, this is immediately where we went. The NBA-filmed advert, set to the tune of Badfinger's "Day After Day."

(Of course, that's with some small help from super-cool friend o' BDL and Celtics freak Sambot5k, who reminded us of this lovely commercial earlier this month via Twitter when Garnett re-signed with the Celtics.)

Some 17 weeks after the deal, Ball Don't Lie was born. Seems like it was just yesterday, plus about 1,500 days on top of that.

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