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Ball Don't Lie

Kevin Durant rolls a circus shot off the top of the backboard (VIDEO)

Eric Freeman
Ball Don't Lie

Basketball fans have become accustomed to watching Kevin Durant score in virtually every way possible. He dunks, he lays in, he runnerizes, he jump-shoots, he throws freely. It all tends to add up to the scoring title.

On Thursday night against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Durant pulled off a new kind of shot. Near the five-minute mark of the third quarter, Durant crossed over the avian-limbed Andrei Kirilenko on the perimeter, drove left, turned the corner on the burly Nikola Pekovic, and knocked into the diminutive Jose Juan Barea. The official called a blocking foul on Barea, and given the circumstances Durant's high-arcing shot seemed unlikely to go in. Except it did, hitting the left corner of the backboard and bouncing several times on the top before dropping through the hoop. Check out the play in the video above, courtesy of our friends at the Yahoo! Sports Minute.

Durant obviously had to get a lot of luck for this one to go on, but he's also the sort of player who gets himself into situations where he can benefit from this sort of good fortune. In other words, we'll probably seem him pull of an even more improbable shot soon enough.

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