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Jordan Crawford put basketball shoes in his fridge

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Jordan Crawford uses shoes to hide his Sunny D (via jcs_stelo on Instagram).

It's common for NBA players to collect basketball shoes, because they've been seriously interested in the sport for years, have the money to purchase them, and have enough hookups that they can get rarer items. When rich people collect shoes, they also tend to build special cabinets to hold and/or display them all. They have to look nice.

So it came as something of a shock to see this Instagram photo from Washington Wizards shooting guard Jordan Crawford, who apparently put several shoes in his refrigerator. The context, if you want to call it that, is that they're Kevin Durant Nike shoes. As Trey Kerby suggested at TBJ, it's possible that Crawford is saying that Durant is ice cold, or that he was too hot with his shooting and needed to cool off. Then again, maybe it would've made more sense to put the shoes in the freezer.

For practical purposes, though, this is actually a pretty smart move by Crawford. If he's like most 23-year-old bachelors, his fridge is probably full of cheap beer, condiments and leftover pizza. There's likely plenty of space in there, and in that case there's no real reason not to put some loose shoes next to a bottle of hot sauce. Sure, the shoes might end up smelling weird the next time he plays in them, but that can also become a competitive advantage.

(via Bullets Forever on Facebook)

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