Join Yahoo! Sports and Ball Don’t Lie on Twitter, hashtag #FinalsChat, for Game 3

Ball Don't Lie Staff
June 17, 2012

Excited for the NBA Finals? Join the BDL crew for a live Finals Chat on Twitter during Sunday night's Game 3. We'll be cracking jokes, sharing observations and talking about the game with NBA fans like you. Participate by using the hashtag #FinalsChat, and don't forget to follow @YahooBDL for your daily NBA fix.

We know that the Thunder is aware of their station. And, on the other side, that Chris Bosh's return to prominence is a lovely thing. We know the three tenets of good tri-action. Serge Ibaka might be a da kine to most, but that doesn't mean [much] to the final score, and he's going to have to temper his instincts moving forward. Dwyane Wade has already tempered his, but at what cost? We're aware that Miami's public address will annoy, that the crowd will likely wear the same color, and that (a month and a half later) LeBron James' mouth guard still kind of creeps us out.

It's pivotal. It's the first game of a five-game series. It's the third game in what could be a years-long Finals clash between Miami and Oklahoma City. It starts at 8 in the evening, Eastern time, and we'd love it if you primed and readied your external Twitter engine and joined us at for a whole lot of interactive fun. Just toss out the #FinalsChat, we'll be watching and answering and trading good-time jabs.