Jason Terry’s zebra socks are a bold NBA Christmas fashion statement

Eric Freeman

The NBA has garnered considerable attention this Christmas for its decision to have all 10 teams playing on the day wear special sleeved jerseys with oversized logos. Various players have issued criticism (and backsies from said criticism), and the general feeling of most observers is that the sleeved look represents an attempt by the league to boost its apparel sales. It all feels a little overbearing.

We must give credit, then, to Brooklyn Nets guard Jason Terry for transcending these style limits and making a fashion statement for the Christmas opener against the Chicago Bulls at Barclays Center. Throughout his 15-season pro career (and prior), Terry has worn knee-length socks (several pairs, in fact). For Wednesday's game, he wore a zebra-stripe pair, creating a unique effect with his black-and-white Reebok shoes (screengrab via @BeyondTheBuzzer):

And here's a close-up, as well:

Terry was not the only Nets player to wear the unique socks — backcourt mate Shaun Livingston joined him — but it's safe to say he made the strongest statement.

In doing so, he proved that Christmas cheer can come from anywhere. Even when that cheer looks like a licorice candy cane, which would taste totally awful.

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