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Jarrett Jack’s first-quarter buzzer-beater try winds up way, WAY in the stands (Video)

You've got less than a second to try to make an 85-footer that'll draw your Golden State Warriors within a point of the Oklahoma City Thunder after one quarter, Jarrett Jack. No time to think — just heave.

Well, OK, maybe you should have taken a little time to think about how hard you were heaving, because this didn't work. Next time, just take the force you applied here, and divide it by 1 million. Should be in the ballpark then.

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After Thursday's game, which the Thunder won 116-97 on the strength of a monster outing from Kevin Durant (32 points on 16 shots, 10 rebounds, eight assists and three steals in 34 1/2 minutes) and a big night from sixth man Kevin Martin (23 points on 8 for 10 shooting, 4 for 5 from 3-point range, three assists and one very big putback slam, some of Jack's Twitter followers asked him what exactly was going on with that off-target bomb:

Not only that — he was thinking of the fans, too:

Smart #strat, Jarrett. These days, it's all about augmenting the in-arena experience for the fans, fighting to keep their attention instead of allowing their eyes to wander to their smartphones and stuff. This aproach is a bit less aggressive than the kick-based tactic favored by MarShon Brooks at Brooklyn Nets games, but I think that's a positive, all things considered.

The way-too-strong chuck called to mind another instance of Jack instigating some "crowd participation," which came when Dorell Wright lost a shoe during a late December Warriors win over the Philadelphia 76ers:

Wright not only was denied an easy hoop, but when Jack took a page out of Wade's book and flung the sneaker several rows into the Oracle Arena crowd, the 76ers had to retreat on defense with only four players properly attired.

Jack wound up hitting a 3-pointer against the short-handed defense. [...]

"You're not going to believe me, but I didn't want anybody to step on it. I didn't want anybody to turn an ankle," he claimed. "I didn't mean to throw it so far."

I'll take your word for it, Jarrett. But we've really got to get that cannon arm of yours under control this offseason, bud.

Original long-heave video via BasketInfos.

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