Hey, should you dump a beer on LeBron James as he leaves the court? (VIDEO)

Dan Devine
June 8, 2012

Nope! No, you totally should not do that. At all!

Doing that is dumb, classless and ridiculous, and — fairly or unfairly — manages to take at least some of the shine off very cool crowd moments like this one, where Boston Celtics fans who stuck out the final minutes of a 19-point blowout remained in full through game's end to properly send their team off to Game 7:

See? That is a cool way to do your fan business. Friends helping friends, banding together to fight through how upset you are at having watched the Celtics catch a furious whipping, and choosing to express boosterism in a positive way rather than by throwing beer on the man who just legendarily sonned your whole crew.

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Especially considering, as Friend of BDL @netw3rk noted Thursday night, literally that exact thing once started a riot at a basketball game, and has started roughly 56 million smaller-scale melees as drinking establishments throughout these United States over the years. It is just a bad idea, all the way around, all the time.

As always, as ever, it is important to remember not to be a creep. Let's carry that lesson into our weekends, OK?

Videos via TrollsInParis and 1jzo, respectively.

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