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Help choose the next NBA Jam catchphrase

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Hey cool dudes that like doing cool things, do you remember NBA Jam? Sure you do, it's the fourth-best sports video game of all-time and gave us important catchphrases like "he's on fire" and "really nice shot, sir." It's a classic, and as you probably know since you're so hip, it's coming back to the Nintendo Wii sometime this year at which point you'll buy it and play it a lot for three weeks before putting it away for a long time.

However, what you might not know is that the makers of the game are letting fans vote on a new exclamation to add to the game. You can vote at their Facebook page now. No, I don't know how a video game set up its own Facebook page either, but they did and it's fun, even if it is a sign that the machines have become sentient.

Tuesday is the opening of the "Kaboom!" bracket, and the "He's on Fire!," "Monster Jam!" and "Slam-a-Jamma!" brackets to follow throughout the week. While I'll leave you to make your own choices in this super-important election, I will encourage you to give "Droppin' a deuce!" some serious consideration.

So check it out, make your choices, and as the page says, "HAVE FUN!!!!" Four exclamation points worth, I guess.

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