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Hawks owner: 'Josh Smith is the closest thing to LeBron James'

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As far as I can tell, the closest amalgam we have for LeBron James(notes) in the history of sports is Bo Jackson. What other athlete seems like they were created solely for the purpose of playing their sport? You don't see too many football players plowing through guys on the reg or baseball players running up walls, you know. Basically what I'm saying is, just as Bo Jackson was put on Earth to be a multi-sport athlete, so was LeBron James for basketball.

Howevski, if we're talking the strictly basketball, it might be Josh Smith(notes). At least if you're the owner of the team that employs him. Right, Michael Gearon Jr.?

"He's the closest thing to LeBron in the league,'' Hawks owner Michael Gearon Jr. said in an interview after the game with FanHouse. "I'm not saying he's LeBron. But just look, he gets assists, he rebounds, he blocks shots. He's a game changer. ... Just look at his stats.''

I guess he's right. Josh Smith does technically do all of the things that LeBron James does, he just does them far less often. Except blocking, which Smith does a lot more. Big fan of blocks, that guy.

But it goes a lot deeper than that, if you really dig in. Other things that they have in common that Gearon forgot to mention include:

• They both wear headbands.

• If you add up their jersey numbers, they each equal 5. (LBJ: 2+3=5; Josh: 5=5)

• Both of them like jump shots a little too much on occasion.

• LeBron's middle name is Joshsmith and Josh Smith's middle name is Lebronjames.

• They both like soda, probably.

• If you combine their first and last names, they both have the same number of letters. (Note: must use "Joshua.")

• They each have a tendency to grimace a lot.

• Both born in Decemeber.

Creepy isn't it?

Before I really investigated this claim I thought it was pretty silly to compare Josh Smith to LeBron James. I was totally with my blogbro Eric Freeman who said that "this is obviously a silly comment." I mean, comparing these two is like comparing Taco Bell tacos with pork belly tacos from some place that sells the best tacos in the world, in that there is really no comparison.

But now that I have these facts, I might have to reconsider. This could be another Allan Houston/Tracy McGrady situation.

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