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Ball Don't Lie

The Grizzlies missed six shots in 10 seconds just before halftime in Game 2 (Video)

Finally, an answer to the question that's plagued philosophers/standup comedians for years: What if they just made the whole team out of the worst/most memorable moment of Charles Smith's playoff career?

Thanks, Memphis Grizzlies. But seriously, who could ever believe that Tony Allen and Zach Randolph (with an assist from rookie Tony Wroten) would combine to miss a bunch of layups? I know — totally random and unbelievable.

Here's the official play-by-play of this late second-quarter sequence:

0:26Leonard BLOCK (1 BLK)

MISS Allen 2' Layup

Allen REBOUND (Off:1 Def:2)

MISS Allen 1' Layup

Randolph REBOUND (Off:2 Def:4)

MISS Randolph 1' Tip Shot

Randolph REBOUND (Off:3 Def:4)
0:21Duncan BLOCK (3 BLK)

MISS Randolph 2' Layup

Randolph REBOUND (Off:4 Def:4)

MISS Randolph 2' Layup

Wroten REBOUND (Off:1 Def:0)

MISS Wroten 1' Layup
0:16Duncan REBOUND (Off:0 Def:5)


Allen P.FOUL (P1.PN)

So, not the most successful stretch, then. At least it pads those offensive rebounding stats, though. (Keep this sequence in mind when people brag on Memphis' 19 offensive boards in Game 2. They led to only eight second-chance points.)

Also, with the immortal line, "The energy is there, the efficiency is not," Jeff Van Gundy might have just provided the official title for the 2012-13 Memphis Grizzlies season-in-review DVD, provided the Grizz are unable to come back from the 0-2 hole in which they now find themselves.

One more "also" for you: Tim Duncan hit both free throws on the other end of this, meaning all those missed layups and the freebies combined for a four-point swing in a game Memphis lost by four points in overtime. Kind of twists the knife just a little bit more, doesn't it?

If the clip above isn't rocking for you, please feel free to check out the whoops elsewhere, thanks to OUOutreach.

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