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Good (free) seats still available at Pistons games

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Few people are expecting much from the Detroit Pistons this year. The squad was injury plagued and left out of the playoff picture last season, and without any major upgrades taking place over the offseason, even fewer are expecting them to make a jump into the 2010-11 postseason.

Just about any major media publication or on-air prognostication has the Pistons getting worse before things get any better, as even the news of the sale of the squad to successful Detroit team owner/businessman Mike Ilitch isn't doing much to stir the emotions of the faithful.

As evidenced by this news from The Detroit News:

More than 300 people registered to try out for the Detroit Pistons' new 50-person spirit section, the Power Plant.

Exactly 11 of them showed up at the audition Wednesday night at The Palace of Auburn Hills, which is not very peppy. But this is a cheer squad, so you have to look on the bright side: Those 11 people have a very, very good chance of making the cut.

Yikes. Squad 6, they ain't.

Keep in mind that making the Power Plant hands you the rights to a free lower-level (in an NBA arena, "lower" means "better") ticket to each of the Pistons games this season, provided you find a way to make it to each of the games. Free tickets, 300 registrants, 50 slots available. And 11 people showed.

If it were an NBA roster, the Power Plant will still be four warm bodies short. Kind of like the team they're rooting for.

(Hat tip: Deadspin.)

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