Glen Davis trashes a computer keyboard after being denied access to a fully booked hotel (Video)

Kelly Dwyer

Being denied access to fully booked, mid-priced hotel is the worst. The absolute worst. You’re up driving on a highway, way later than expected, feeling the pangs of sleep start to pull at the wheel. What seems like 192,000 sensible hotel selections dot the road, and with no Super Bowl or political convention blaring just one block over, you would think that a moderately-priced room would be available to come by. Five “no vacancy”-responses later, and you’re stuck napping in an Arby’s parking lot. Not that any of you should try that at home.

So we can understand Orlando Magic power forward Glen Davis’ frustration when, after attempting to select a room in the wee hours last Saturday morning, he lost his temper after being told that the Travelodge that he was attempting to check into at 4 AM was fully booked.

What we can’t condone is what Davis did next. Via TMZ, watch:

Glen 'Big Baby' Davis -- GOES BALLISTIC AT MOTEL ... Cops Respond
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It wasn’t even a real satisfying clutch and chuck move with the computer keyboard, either. Bummer. According to TMZ, no charges have been filed.

It’s not clear why Davis was at the hotel at that hour. The 27-year old has been on the shelf with a broken foot since midway through the 2012-13 season, and he did not play in his team’s loss to the Boston Celtics, his former team, earlier that evening.

Interviewed by the Boston Herald prior to that game, Davis seemed in good spirits, boasting a healthy attitude about how the 2008 championship Celtics were slowly dismantled, starting with Glen’s move to Orlando in 2011:

“All good things must come to an end,” he said. “We had our chance to do what we did, we did a good job while we were there. Two (NBA) Finals chances. In ’09, we should have still made the Finals, but Kevin got hurt.

“It’s tough, but there’s no surprise,” said Davis. “You could see it coming. It lasted a long time. Danny Ainge did a good job of trying to get as much out of the situation as he could.”


“I feel good for all of them. It’s like with Rondo. I’ll always have a bond with those guys. A family affair, good times.”

The good times turned more into a hotel smashing, “Family Affair”-era Sly Stone later that night.

With the TMZ video circulating, Davis apologized on Twitter on Tuesday:

No word on whether or not the Magic will pay the Travelodge for the $15 computer keyboard.

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