Even LeBron James is aware of your jokes about his hair

Kelly Dwyer

It's worked a type of muffled cackle for a few years now, at least on the Internet. LeBron James, as it goes with most men, is slowly watching his hairline recede. Myriad factors go into this, and there isn't really a whole lot you can do to avoid it. And once it's gone, it's gone; and you're still left a little wanting despite all your riches and success. This was typified by Larry David, at the height of his "Seinfeld" powers, telling a crowd at the Emmys after taking in yet another award, "this is all very well and good, but I'm still bald."

LeBron isn't bald, far from it, but he's seen the zings. And as he continues his Image Recovery Tour '11, the Miami Heat All-Star is disarming us with yet another shot to his own bow.

From James' Twitter account:

Go back to bed, LeBron. That's where you're a viking.