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Detroit Pistons rookie Kim English gets his draft night handshake, seven months later

Eric Freeman
Ball Don't Lie

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Kim English failed to wear a suit to his own personal draft night (via Instagram).

Every high-level basketball player dreams of the moment when his name gets called at the NBA Draft. These athletes work so hard for so long to achieve in a dream, and over the course of a few seconds there name is called and they belong to an real live professional basketball team. It's the culmination of a lot of things, and that's why draftees can break down and cry even when the circumstances of their selection had been decided days or even weeks before the event itself.

The moment means a lot regardless of where those players happen to be, but it's extra special for those in the building. Players get a special moment on stage, and the commisioner (or deputy commissioner, for second-rounders) officially welcomes him to the NBA fold with a firm handshake (or, in some cases, a hug).

Detroit Pistons rookie shooting guard Kim English, the 44th pick in last June's draft, did not make it to New York for the festivities. However, he recently ran into current deputy commissioner (and future commissioner) Adam Silver at the Pistons' practice in London last week. He asked for a photo and handshake, and Silver obliged.

You can check out the photo above (via TBJ and Zac Dubasik). After the jump, take a look at English's tweet.

It's possible that English is making himself look a little silly here. The joy of draft night is largely about becoming an NBA player, and English has already played 14 games for Detroit. Still, it's nice to see someone who appreciates his own good fortune several months into his job. English beat the odds — I think it's fine if he decides to act like an excited kid for a few moments.

Good on Silver, too, for agreeing to the photo. I'm not sure David Stern would have done the same.

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