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DeAndre Jordan throws down the alley-oop over Tony Allen (VIDEO)

As our Kelly Dwyer noted, Wednesday night's slate of games was not so great. The greatness of the NBA postseason, though, is that even a set of stinkers can come through with the sort of play that makes fans jump out of their seats and maybe for five seconds consider watching the new TBS sitcom "Men at Work."

So, with that in mind, we introduce this pretty amazing alley-oop from Game 2 between the Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Clippers, in which Clips' star point guard Chris Paul dices up the Grizz defense, hits DeAndre Jordan on the run with an alley-oop, and watches Jordan dunk all over Tony Allen. There are all kinds of amazing things in this play, from CP3's masterful inside-out dribble to Jordan's insane combination of length, athleticism and power.

The Clippers lost the game 105-98, of course, and now head back to L.A. with a 1-1 split. And while the series is still very much up in the air, what's become astonishingly clear over these first two games is that this is the sort of first-round contest worth watching in depth. Unlike the somehow-more-competitive Dallas/Oklahoma City series, neither team is likely to make the NBA Finals. But in each game, we're likely to see — if not a comeback on the order of Game 1's historic events — some supremely athletic plays, intense physicality down low, and great skill. These are two fun teams with much to prove. Tune in, because it's playoff basketball sure to please any kind of fan.

(Video via EOB)

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