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The Dallas Mavericks’ take on ‘Anchorman’ is delightful (Video)

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Dirk Nowitzki and Will Ferrell compare notes (Getty Images)

As great as ‘Anchorman’ was, most tended to want to distance themselves from the sorts of dudes that endlessly quoted the movie by late 2004 or so.

It’s 2014, but because Dirk Nowitzki is Dirk Nowitzki, we’re cool with revisiting those quotes. Watch:

The production company behind this must have gotten Brick Tamland to do the math on this one, because unless I’m a bit off it seems as if the ‘Starting 5’ has six Mavericks in it. That’s illegal.

All of these NBA team promos – from the festive holiday-themed ads to St. Patrick’s Day cheers – are filmed during training camp in early October, so apparently something good has come from the three months’ worth of promotion that the studio put behind ‘Anchorman 2,’ promotion that some tired of weeks before the movie’s actual premiere in late December.

It was probably worth it, because the movie is quite good. Not as good as the first, the familiarity with the characters burdens the impact of some of their more outrageous moments, but very much worth your ticket purchase.

Same with the Mavericks, a team that may not be championship contenders but one that features a pass-happy, aesthetically pleasing offense that is ultra fun to watch.

(Hat-tip: Ananth Pandian.)

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