Create-a-Caption, Video Edition: Chris Bosh wants you to run that back one more time

Dan Devine

After he juuuuuust missed beating the halftime buzzer with a big-time dunk that could've given his Miami Heat a two-point lead heading into intermission, Chris Bosh appeared to be looking for the officials to hit the flatscreen for a replay review to make sure he didn't release the ball in time. This, despite the fact that he was literally staring at the red lights on the backboard as they went off to signal the end of the second quarter. Still, I guess it doesn't hurt to double-check.

Then again, maybe Bosh wasn't looking for a replay — maybe the finger gesture captured above by our longtime/just returned friend @Jose3030 was intended to say something else. What do you think the Miami big man was communicating? Best caption wins a neat and appropriately titled Mark Knopfler tune. Good luck.

Our last adventure was a million years ago in NBA playoffs time and it is Friday, so I hereby declare you all winners. Congratulations!

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