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Trey Kerby

Create-a-caption: Ties, guys and something that flies

Ball Don't Lie

I like everything going on in this picture. A smiley Dave Cowens, the happy and confident pilots, the plane that looks like something out of a Brian Spaeth post, and the ties. Oh man, those ties. Pretty fly ties, guys. Best caption wins an American flag tie. Good luck.

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Previously, two guys try to find Nate Robinson.

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Winner, Stophatin21: "Dale a tu cuerpo alegria, Macarena... Heeeeeeey, Macarena! (Ay!)"

Runner-up, AJ: "Wait...if the Lakers lose we DON'T get tacos?!?!"

Second runner-up, Michael N: "Yes son, you start losing your hair from there, then when you get to my age, it is gone all the way up to here. That is why we need these shoes to have people focus on something else."

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