Create-a-Caption: Ray Allen is, like, ‘Arsenio’ old

Dan Devine

"All right, man — we did it! Ha ha! This is great! WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP!

"Wait, why are you laughing, Avery? ... Why, what's the matter with this? ... Hey, c'mon! Hey, shut up, jerk! This is a valid way to show that I'm happy we're now up 3-2 in the series! This was very big in the late '80s! The world didn't, like, NOT EXIST before you were born, you know!"

Dissension in the ranks, I guess. One can only wonder how this will affect Boston come Game 6. The lesson, as always: Do the Dawg Pound thing around KG, Pierce and Doc ONLY.

Best caption wins the perfect Father's Day gift (not really). Good luck.

In our last adventure: You might think Stephen Jackson's upset by this, but he's actually really digging how well Serge Ibaka is singing "Just A Friend."

Winner, Give_and_go: "IBAKA BLOCK YA!"

"Excuse me, big fella. The game's over. Can I just ..."


"Man, I'm just trying to get the concession stands before they run out of ..."




Runner-up, JakeVozquel: Serge is still learning not to take some English expressions literally, like keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

Second runner-up, Joe B.: Ever-so-creative Stephen Jackson uses the incredibly painful "armpit hair pull" to get past shot-blocking great Serge Ibaka.

A Special Commendation In Ruling, Dance Dance Revolution Division, goes to Michael, who offers some sound advice: Do not step on Ibaka's foot when he's teaching you to waltz.